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Daily Money Management    orange-line

Worried senior couple checking their bills at homeWhile a professional fiduciary does not take the place of an accountant, lawyer or social worker, their work complements these professional specialties by executing day-to-day tasks. For example, a professional fiduciary can compile accurate financial records to deliver to a client’s accountant for tax preparation. A fiduciary helps clients to maintain independence, ensuring bills are paid and recognizing pertinent issues that should be referred to outside services.
As personal financial matters become more complicated–finding time to focus on the daily tasks of money management often becomes more difficult. Daily money managers offer services to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, including necessities like paying monthly bills, maintaining tax records, balancing checkbooks, decoding medical bills and negotiating with creditors. Other services may include  payroll management, healthcare advocacy or acting in another fiduciary capacity.

Elder Fraud & Abuse    orange-line

Elder fraud and abuse is progressively becoming more prevalent as our older population continues to grow. National studies show that for every one case of abuse reported, another 24 go unreported, and last year, one-third of all reported elder abuse cases involved allegations of financial exploitation.

Frequent communication can be an important tool when it comes to protecting elders from scams and fraud. Whether you live far away or close by, hiring a professional and registered fiduciary can help ensure the safety of your loved ones. Hiring a daily money manager/fiduciary can help prevent this in the future.