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Our fiduciary program services work to ensure that our client’s daily and long-term financial obligations are met. In addition to providing day-to-day financial support—managing bill payments, tax preparation, balancing checkbooks—we strive to protect our clients and their families from financial exploitation and abuse. A licensed and registered fiduciary with the State of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, we act as a reliable and impartial executor, trustee or successor trustee when you or a loved one is no longer able or willing to manage their financial affairs. Our fiduciary services are strictly confidential. Our services are bonded and insured. Clients receive financial assistance visits where it’s most convenient–at home, in assisted living facilities or hospital settings.


Our fiduciary services include:

  • Coordination of Financial Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Asset Management
  • Fiduciary Trust Services, including special needs
  • Coordination of Legal Documents (Estate Plans, Power of Attorney, Wills & Trusts, etc.)
  • Successor Trustee Services
  • Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive
  • Executor/Estate Administration
  • Guidance and Management through the Insurance & Healthcare System
What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person (or organization) that owes to another the duties of good faith and trust and acts on behalf of another person to manage assets. A fiduciary might be responsible for general well-being, but often it involves finances and managing the assets of another person or of a group of people. When a party knowingly accepts a fiduciary duty on behalf of another party, he or she is legally and ethically required to act in the best interest of the party whose assets they are managing.

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